It was dinner time at my home and we began to enjoy our meal like we do every night, however we forgot to do something that we do everyday. My two year old son quickly reminded us by saying “Amen?” We thanked him for the reminder and took the time to pray as a family. Our kids have been conditioned into a rhythm to expect things at different parts of the day. We pray at meals and at breakfast we read the bible with cereal and oatmeal.

The authors of Parenting beyond your Capacity make this observation, “What’s most exciting to us is that God has already established a rhythm that’s part of your family life. Everyone eats, travels, goes to bed, and gets up. But in most homes, using those moments for a greater good isn’t happening.” Here are some practical ideas they give:

Decide what you want your children to become.

-You want your children to become people who pursue a relationship with God

-You want your children to become people who love others the way God does.

-You want your children to become people who see themselves the way God sees them.

Keep thinking Orange.

Tap into the resources at church.

Synchronize with what your church is teaching.

Make it a point to learn what your church is teaching and teach that again. We at Club Orange want to help you and so we send you a weekly email with what we are teaching on Sunday mornings.

Be flexible with your rhythm

Strive to create a rhythm that is actually fun for kids.

Find a rhythm that works for your family

Think about this:

  1. When you were growing up, what were some of your favorite family traditions or routines? What were some of the routines or traditions you didn’t enjoy? Why were some enjoyable and some not?

  2. What rhythms and patterns have you developed within your own family today? How did they originate? What makes them fun? What makes them worthwhile?


-Family video study using -if you want access just email

-Read the bible as a family and ask each other questions

-Listen to Christian radio in the car

-Talk in the car instead of listening to music

-Prepare some questions for homework

-Pray with your teenager before bed- I know they are older but why not.

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